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Things To Consider Before Renting An Apartment

Things To Consider Before Renting An Apartment

You have made the decision to live on your own and your are looking for an apartment. It is a good feeling because you couldn’t wait to be independent. Choosing an apartment can be difficult at times. Before renting an apartment, there are things that you need to take into consideration. Renting an apartment in major cities in Malaysia can be quite expensive so you need to establish a budget and then start searching for an apartment within that budget. The location is also important. Are you going to select an apartment that is near to your workplace? It would be wise to do so. Well read on below to find out things to consider before deciding.

View the apartment

You want to ensure that you are comfortable when you move in. It is advised that you visit the apartment and see if you like it. Don’t just look at pictures but view the apartment in person. Is it clean and in excellent conditions? Are there any repairs that need to be done before you move in? Would you like the landlord to change anything? Try using all appliances and see if they are in good conditions.


You do not want to be on the streets before the contract is over because of financial difficulties. You need to ensure that you have a stable income to support the fees associated with rent. Take out all the personal bill and loan repayments and see what you have available for rent. Look for apartments that satisfy your budget. If you find an apartment then you need to ask about utilities. Will it be included in the rent or you will have to pay separately? Sometimes you can negotiate with the landlord and get a better deal for your budget.


The location is a huge factor when choosing an apartment. It is usually cost effective when you select an apartment that is near the workplace. You will spend less money on commuting. Do you like the urban or rural area? Will the apartment be close to the hospital and shopping areas? These things are really important when you decide to rent an apartment. If there is an emergency you want to ensure that you can access health care facilities quickly. Is it a quiet area where you can relax after a long day at work and your children can study?

You want to select an apartment that is safe for you and your family. Read up on the location and find out if the area is prone to crime. If you are a female living alone will the apartment have a gated complex? Does the apartment have surveillance and protection? It the place secured? The windows, doors, and gate offer maximum security? You need to think about your safety and choose an apartment that can provide maximum security.

Can you decorate your apartment?

People like to decorate their apartment to suit their personalities. There are apartments that you have to keep in its original condition. To avoid disputes select an apartment that suits your taste and style. This will prevent you from changing the apartment. If you do get permission which is a rare case then keep it simple when you decorate.

What facilities are available?

This is very important for some people. There are facilities that you just cannot live without such as the internet, washing machine, stove, and microwave. You need to clarify if the facilities that you desire are available in the apartment you want to rent. In order to be happy with your new home, you have to make sure that it meet all your standards and needs.

Personal space

Do you like to share with others or do you prefer your own bathroom, kitchen and living area? Some apartments offer shared facilities that may not be appealing to you. If you like your own personal space then you should inquire about an apartment that is not shared. However, if you are working on a budget you will not be able to afford the luxury of a personal space. You will need to share with other people. Be prepared to adjust and accommodate to living among strangers.

Pet accommodation

If you would like to bring your pet with you will the apartment accommodate your pet? Some apartments are built to facilitate your pet but some are not. It is best to find out before you decide to rent an apartment. You want to make your family is comfortable and pets are a part of the family. Make sure your apartment is pet-friendly.

Read your contract carefully before signing

One of the most common mistakes among renters is not reading their tenancy agreement contract. They quickly sign it because they need a place to stay. They break some rules which attract additional expenses. For example destroying the property will prevent you from getting back your security deposit. In the event there is an emergency can you leave the apartment before your lease is over? If not what are the conditions? You need to be satisfied with the conditions that are presented in the contract. If you don’t understand then ask questions. Make sure everything is clear before you sign.

History of the landlord

Before you rent an apartment you should try to find out some information on the landlord such as the relationship with previous tenants. You can talk to experienced tenants about their experience. They will give you some information and advice. You cannot tell if the landlord is reliable by just meeting or interviewing once. Experienced tenants will tell you if the landlord is reliable and caring. If the pipe leaks do the landlord fix it right away and make sure the tenants are comfortable?

Searching for an apartment can be a daunting process. You need to take several things into consideration such as location, your budget, facilities and policies within the lease contract. You have to view the apartment and see how comfortable you will be. A visit can help you to determine if you like the apartment or not. You can also make sure that all the facilities are in good conditions by contacting a agent to view the apartment before deciding. For easy search for apartment in Malaysia, visit homely today.

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